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BS 6920 Test

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British Standard 6920 (BS 6920) specifies requirements for the suitability of non-metallic products, including water fittings and components, pipes and materials used in coating, protection, lining, jointing, sealing and lubrication, for use in contact with either hot or cold water intended for human consumption, with regard to their effect on the quality of the water.


The product is immersed in, or exposed to, test water in accordance with extraction procedures as outlined for each of the tests for Taste, Appearance, Growth of Aquatic Micro-Organisms, Cytotoxicity and Extraction of Metals, including specific procedures for High Temperature tests.

Extraction is allowed to proceed for the time given in the relevant test. The final extract is then analysed in accordance with the test requirements for each test. Products are required to comply with all tests relevant for that product type, and the results provide guidelines for, water supply quality at consumers’ taps, with respect to general health requirements.



A sample with a total surface area of (15,000 ± 500) mm2 and a test container bearing a calibration mark for a capacity of 1,000ml should be used wherever possible.  Depending on the type of product, for example coating, curing or conditioning may be required prior to exposure to the test water.

Consult the laboratory prior to sending samples for testing.


Full BS 6920 testing period is 12 weeks. 

If repeat testing is required, then fresh samples must be submitted to confirm a pass or failure.  This will incur additional costing.


Test Protocols
Method Code Test Description Turnaround Time
BS 6920-Section 2.2
 Eurofins | ams: TMBS-003
Odour and flavour of water 2 weeks
BS 6920-2.3
 Eurofins | ams: TMBS-005
Appearance of water 4 weeks
BS 6920-2.4
 Eurofins | ams: TMBS-006 
Growth of aquatic microorganisms test 8 weeks
BS 6920-2.5
 Eurofins | ams: TMBS-007
The extraction of substances that may be of concern to public health 4 weeks
BS 6920-2.6
 Eurofins | ams: TMBS-008 
 The extraction of metals  4 weeks

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