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CAPSIG NSW Seminar 1, 29 March 2017

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Bio Safety, Ethics and Integrity in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Last December, Mr David Buckley presented some of the "unexpected" audit findings he had collected over the years as a GMP auditor. As a sequel to this, CAPSIG NSW would like to take this topic further by inviting other experts in laboratory practice and management in the academia to provide guidance to our industry to avoid such practices in Australia.

Ms Kate Noble, Bio-Safety Coordinator of UNSW will share with us how safety measures and policies are being introduced and applied across all research laboratories; which would in turn ensuring all research findings are integral, reliable and valid. Drs Paul Taylor and Daniel Barr have worked together in Melbourne to embed research ethics and integrity into undergraduates in microbiology classes.

This is an opportunity to reflect on our social and professional responsibilities while working in our critical healthcare industries.

Read more about this event here.