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Our accredited research establishment maintains dogs and cats of various breeds, ages and weights, to world class standards. The facility has multiple pens and yards such that the animals can either be individually housed during clinical studies or run in compatible exercise groups in outdoor yards. Staff live on-site to provide 7 days a week animal care.

Studies conducted include the evaluation (efficacy, safety, topical effect) of ectoparasiticides, endoparasiticides and all veterinary pharmaceuticals. We conduct studies on the paralysis tick Ixodes holocyclus using an APVMA approved model.  We maintain a colony of Ctenocephalides felis, which is regularly updated with wild flea strains. Bioequivalence, safety, palatability and efficacy studies are also conducted.

We have a close working relationship with veterinary clinical and specialist hospitals around Australia to assist us in the conduct of disease based clinical trials. These are conducted to GCP and our veterinary clinicians trained in GCP. We are proficient in the use of electronic data capture systems for use in clinical trials.

We have a herd of 30 horses on our research site for use in efficacy, safety and pharmacokinetic studies. The site has specialised purpose-built equine handling facilities and we are the only Australian CRO offering specialist equine veterinary services.

For more information contact Dr Sally Colgan.