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Toolkit for Organic Food

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A common consumer expectation of organic products is "no chemistry please". Eurofins, the world's leading laboratory network is here to help manage risk with organic products and supply chains. Just another benefit of a global "multi-specialist".

In addition to the certification process, testing organic products plays a role in verifying compliant production processes in complex supply chains and from paddock to plate.

With the increased awareness of risks associated in maintaining food integrity with supply chains and brands, Eurofins has specialized testing to support your organic status and compliance requirements.
Whether its baby food or almonds, our testing toolkit for organic products can support your product claims with the following testing

  • Risk based multi residue screens with up to 900 compounds
  • Glyphosate
  • GMO testing by GeneScan
  • Heavy metals with low LOQ 
  • Persistent Organic Pollutants like, dioxins, PCBs and PFAS
  • Veterinary drug screens
  • Plasticisers
  • Mineral oils
  • Sanitiser residues

Is glyphosate on your horizon?

Glyphosate is the most frequently used herbicide worldwide and support is a growing globally to reassess the regulatory approval status of this herbicide. Recent international investigations have identified the presence of glyphosate in many food products containing cereals.

In 2017, Australia imported approximately $73 billion worth of wheat, rice, barley, maize and other cereals from the US. Imported cereal grains and flours are not tested at the Australian border for glyphosate as part of the Imported Food Inspection Scheme. 

Eurofins has a competence centre that specialises in low level detection of pesticides including glyphosate (and daughter compounds AMPA, Glufosinate) in cereals and processed foods with a LOQ of 0.002mg/kg.

Eurofins Food Testing Australia can assist with your risk assessments associated with glyphosate and other pesticides in your supply chains and products.


Please contact your local Eurofins laboratory if your organic status requires verification.