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The further expansion of commercially planted GMO regions increases the need for testing and analysis by companies who produce food, feed or seed. A carefully designed testing program will ensure that companies meet strict regulations in a timely and efficient manner while keeping their brand safe and reassured.

Asynchronous approval situations, where a GMO is approved for commercialisation in one country in comparison to another country, have an impact on the market value and marketability of a product. Thus, it is important to know the GMO approval situation of the country of origin of the raw materials as well as the regulatory situation of the country where the final products will be placed on the market.

How Eurofins can help

Eurofins provides clients with a unique service in the field of GMO testing. Our testing services, test kits and consultancy services will help you identify the right testing program for your needs. We offer time tested, robust and reliable methods and a unique knowledge of the market.

Eurofins GeneScan is the global market leader in analysis of genetically modified organisms, and operates state-of-the-art labs. Our unparalleled pool of knowledge and expertise in the fields of analysis and consultancy allow us to help clients choose the right testing program for their particular needs and develop customized analytical strategies.

Our testing services

Our experienced technical staff offers a complete portfolio which encompasses the agricultural and food industry sectors: analytical services, consultation, test kits and method development. This not only grants the highest possible security and reliability to our clients, but also provides for valuable time and cost advantages.

Our analytical services comprise the whole range of testing - from screening and identification to precise quantification of trace components of material. Shortest standard turnaround times as well as express services are offered by our GMO testing laboratories.

Testing methods

Genetically modified organisms are detectable with different methods, including protein testing and qualitative and quantitative DNA testing. Eurofins specialises in qualitative and quantitative DNA analysis with PCR and offers the most comprehensive portfolio for the analysis of food, feed and seed.

Our experience in sample preparation of complex sample materials and testing with qualitative and quantitative PCR, makes Eurofins a qualified partner for the determination of GMO contents in food, feed and seed. Our laboratories are accredited according to ISO 17025 and comply with the high standards of our internal quality management systems.

Method Development: PCR and DNA extraction know-how is one of Eurofins GeneScan's core competences which has been applied successfully for over 20 years to the development and validation of a unique testing and kit portfolio. Customers can benefit from this broad experience by choosing the assay development services.

Identity Preservation (IP): Eurofins provides extensive consulting for all questions and establishes complete systems for traceability and identity preservation.

Eurofins' service is available worldwide through our network of laboratories and offer worldwide, standardized testing services in accordance with the Eurofins GeneScan quality standard.


Please contact your local Eurofins laboratory for more information about GMO testing.