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Testing Solutions for Food Fraud

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Eurofins global network provides the Australian food industry with brand protection through a portfolio of world leading authenticity testing. We have extensive experience and expertise in assessing risk of food products and supply chains for food manufacturers, producers and retailers – keeping your horizon scanning in focus.

Food Fraud is becoming more and more sophisticated and increasingly difficult to detect. Therefore it is necessary to develop advanced analytical techniques such as isotopic analysis, molecular biology and a range of classic physical, chemical and biological methods to test for food authenticity, and detect noncompliant products. A considerable investment in research and development enables Eurofins to apply the most suitable methods to each specific case when evaluating the authenticity of a product.

Eurofins pioneered DNA-based analytical technologies for food testing using innovative protocols to improve the safety and authenticity of our clients' food products. We have patented the SNIF-NMR® technology and related authenticity testing methods.

Our testing packages can support your VACCP and brand equity with the following toolkits

  • fruit juice and derived products: detection of addition of sugar, water, colourings, aromas or other undeclared additives, determination of fruit content; geographical origin check
  • fats and oils: confirmation of fat source for single or binary mixtures
  • olive oil: detect presence of foreign or refined oils and claim of virgin or extra virgin
  • honey, maple syrup, agave syrup: detection of addition of sugar or other undeclared additives, mislabelling, geographical origin check
  • flavours: checking whether a flavour is natural or synthetic;
  • coffee, tea, spices and herbal extracts: Differentiation of Arabica vs Robusta, Coffee vs chicory, etc.; checking for natural or synthetic sources in tea, coffee or guarana-containing drinks; geographical origin check
  • meat products: confirmation of animal species;
  • fish: confirmation of species and of origin (wild or farmed);
  • dairy products: confirmation of the main feed used (grass or maize silage), detection of reconstitution, check flavourings (e.g. fruit, vanilla); geographical origin check
  • plant speciation: confirmation or determination of variety; geographical origin check
  • basmati rice: quantification of the amount of basmati present in rice
  • vinegar: checking whether the acetic acid is synthetic
  • wines, ciders: detection of chaptalisation, sugaring, dilution or addition of glycerol, checking the process used in sparkling products, conformity to the isotopic profile; geographical origin check
  • spirits, beers: control of the botanical origin of the alcohol, detection of addition of water, sugars or flavours (according to current regulations and/or product specifications);

Specific analyses

Our authenticity analyses are "tailor-made" for each product and include basic methods and specific tests, selected to check for likely adulteration practices.

Eurofins' specific expertise is the use of isotopic techniques and in particular the Site Specific Natural Isotope Fractionation studies by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (SNIF-NMR®) method of authentication. This is one of the most powerful techniques for detecting the adulteration of natural products. Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry is also used as a complementary technique.

Eurofins also carries out molecular biology techniques and a large number of classic physical, chemical and biological methods: liquid or gas chromatography, spectroscopy (atomic absorption, ultraviolet) and has a very wide range of analytical tools to control product authenticity.

Eurofins also offers the possibility of setting up a targeted analytical approach and specific data banks to help protect producers from fraudulent imitations of their products or false declarations of geographic origin, notably in the case of Protected Denomination of Origin (PDO) certification.

Why Eurofins?

Eurofins, the global leader in analytical testing, is currently the only international laboratory network capable of performing all ISO 17025:2005 (D-PL-13372-01-00) accredited DNA detection of all food products. Our network provides the largest testing capacity and efficient turnaround times of any independent food testing service provider.


Please contact your local Eurofins laboratory for more information about authenticity testing.