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Trade Waste Sampling

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Eurofins | mgt is also NATA accredited for sampling Trade Wastes, Sewage effluent and Stormwater discharges.

Our field staff are trained in all aspects of grab sampling techniques and on-site safety, we also have auto composite samplers that we can be set up on-site to obtain either flow weighted or time based samples.

Typical clients are:

All industrial facilities - from Oil Refineries to Butcher Shops
Private Households with small sewerage treatment plants
Restaurants with small sewerage treatment plants
Drinking water
Irrigation water

Our on-site sampling is programmed via a call out system from our database that ensures our clients discharges are sampled as required by their Trade Waste Agreement or EPA License.  That is if your Trade Waste Agreement or EPA License requires your site to be sampled once every 8 weeks - our people will be there every 8 weeks, no need to call and arrange.

Our sampling services can be utilised by any user of water that requires their water to be tested.

If you need any further information on this please contact;

Mario Ferra

+61 3 8564 5000