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Stack Emission Monitoring

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Eurofins | mgt is NATA accredited for the sampling & analysis of stack emission discharges.

Our field staff are trained in all aspects of stack emission techiques and on-site safety.  All staff carry EWP (Elevated Work Platform) licences and we routinely undertake work in Victoria (metro & Country), Tasmania, NSW & SA.  All air sampling equipment is owned, maintained and calibrated by Eurofins | mgt.

Typical clients are:

•    Paint & Chemical Manufacturing Facilities
•    Metals processing and refining
•    Paper & Packaging
•    Automotive Manufacturing
•    Ceramics & Textiles
•    Waste Water Treatment
•    Boiler Operations

Eurofins | mgt is happy to undertake a preliminary site assessment or provide a free quote.

Specifically Eurofins | mgt are NATA accredited for the following parameters listed under Vic EPA Publication 440.1 which stipulates the EPA Approved Methods for Analysis of Air Emissions.


For any other stack sampling requirements that are not listed within the table above or if you require a free quote please contact;

Peter Richardson
Project Manager - AIR

Phone: +61 3 8564 5000
Mobile: +61 417 553 982