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Soil Vapours (inc. Landfill Gases)

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Soil Vapour monitoring is a specialised process of determining the levels of contaminants within the headspace of soils.  It is often used in preliminary investigations for site contamination works in conjunction with groundwater & soil monitoring.  We can sample from pre-installed bores or can install temporary bores if required.

We are accredited by NATA for the sampling of air and gases around landfills by Australian Standards AS2986.1 & .2 and for analysis according to USEPA 8260 methodology.  We also have the capability to sample soil vapour via Thermal Desorption Tubes & Summa Canisters with the preparation and analysis of the certified clean Thermal Desorption Tubes & Summa Canisters undertaken by a NATA accredited (or NATA equivalent) laboratory.  

Typical clients are:
•    Environmental Consultants
•    Municipal Councils
•    Landfill Operations
•    Industrial Facilities

Eurofins | mgt also sample Landfill Gases at a number of current & former landfills and Industrial facilities.  This includes sampling In-Situ field measurements with a portable Landfill Gas Analyser and tedlar bag confirmation samples for methane.  We are NATA accredited for the sampling & analysis of methane and other C1-C4 hydrocarbons.

We routinely undertake work in Victoria (metro & Country), Tasmania, NSW & SA.  All air sampling equipment is owned, maintained and calibrated by Eurofins | mgt.

If you need any further information on this please contact;

Peter Richardson
Project Manager - AIR

+61 3 8564 5000
Mob: 0417 553 982