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Groundwater Sampling Services

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Eurofins Australia is NATA accredited for the sampling of Groundwater in accordance with Australian Standard Methods.

•    Landfills
•    Contaminated Site Audits
•    Industrial facilities
•    Service Stations
•    Liquid Waste Sites

Eurofins Australia has a groundwater sampling team that is available for direct work to our Industrial clients or for labour hire to our Environmental Consultant clients.

All groundwater sampling equipment is owned, maintained and calibrated by Eurofins Australia .

Low Flow sampling - including full stabilisation techniques and equipment
•    Waterra
•    Hand bailing
•    Inline pumps

Eurofins Australia does not offer Hydrogeological advice, however we do work together with many Hydrogeologists and our sampling procedures, methodologies and reports are acceptable for their interpretation.

If you need pricing or more information regarding this service contact;

Nathan Campbell 

+61 3 8564 5000