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Dust Deposition Monitoring

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Dust deposition standard gauge and directional gauge monitoring is utilised for monitoring localised dust levels.  The principle of this sampling and analysis is to determine over a given sampling period; 30 days (April - October) and 14 days (November - March), particles which settle from the ambient air that are collected via a vessel - gauge and retained together with any rain water in a sample container.  The mass deposition rate of deposited matter is then calculated from the mass of total solids obtained and the exposure period.  Insoluble Solids & Soluble Solids can also be determined.

We are NATA accredited for the sampling & analysis of dust deposition via Australian Standard AS/NZ 3580.10.1:2003 - Determination of Particulate Matter - Deposited matter - Gravimetric method.

We can also undertake Directional Dust deposition testing via AS 2724.5-1987 (Directional dust gauge method). Analysis is also via AS/NZ 3580.10.1:2003 and is NATA accredited.

Common activities/sources that require dust deposition monitoring include;
•    Road & Construction sites  
•    Industrial operations  
•    Remediation works  
•    Agricultural areas  
•    Landfills in urban areas   
•    Mining operations

Eurofins | mgt can supply gauges, set-up, sample, analyse and report deposition dust monitoring programs.  This includes sampling & analysis via High Volume Air Samplers.
We routinely undertake work in Victoria (metro & Country), Tasmania, NSW & SA.  All air sampling equipment is owned, maintained and calibrated by Eurofins | mgt.

If you need any further information on this please contact;

Peter Richardson
Project Manager - AIR

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