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Quality System

Always on the safe side


Our Good Laboratory Practice quality system is audited by our own external auditor and by British Standards Institute on a annual basis. We have implemented practices and a Quality Manual driven programme in order to ensure full compliance with relevant ISO and related Test Methods.


Studies areconducted in a monitored and controlled environment by our highly trained technicians. Our instrumentation relevant to sunscreen product testing includes:

  • Solar Simulators
  • Spa pools for water resistant testing
  • Integrating
    Sphere Spectrophotometry for in-vitro determination of UVA Ratio
  • Broad
  • Boots Star
  • Critical
    Wavelength and Photostability Testing.

Instrumentation is calibrated according the requirements of all major international protocols including ISO , Australia, FDA, China COLIPA and International.

Our close involvement with the development of the current and future ISO Sunscreen Standards has held us at the forefront of sunscreen testing technology.