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Viral Clearance Studies or Extraneous Viral Agents Testing

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Viral Clearance Study


Viral Clearance Studies or the Testing of Freedom of Extraneous Viral Agents in Materials of Biological Origin: This is to detect viral contamination in cell stock. Test sample is inoculated onto different  types of cell cultures and passaged twice and observed for Viral Cytopathic Effect (CPE). Depending on the required viruses, there may be a need to examine for non-cytopathic virus presence also using immuno-cytochemistry.  

For all stages throughout the development, manufacturing and release of your biological product, Eurofins Biopharma Product Testing group offers comprehensive, fully cGMP-compliant Viral Clearance Services. Proceed here to find out more.

In Australia, Eurofins | ams can help design and run viral clearance studies to meet regulatory requirements. Our viral clearance offerings include a variety of validated and well characterized viral stocks to support animal- and human-derived products.

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