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Microbiology At Qut And Beyond

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Room P512, Level 5, P Block, QUT Gardens Point Campus, Brisbane 

ams Laboratories believes in fostering the professional development of our staff. We encourage our staff to sign up and attend workshops that help them improve in their area of work. 

Mr Francis Frame, Laboratory Manager for our Brisbane site recently attended the 'Microbiology at QUT and Beyond' Workshop held on 29 October 2014.

Details of the workshop is shown below.


Microbiology is a fundamental scientific field that influences a range of research disciplines and industry sectors, from engineering and agriculture to human health and medicine. Microbiology research has the potential to make us healthier, to boost and protect food production and to support the manufacture of sustainable fuels and materials.
The purpose of this workshop is to help build a strong and active microbiology community linking QUT researchers and industry. The workshop will encourage new connections and collaborative research opportunities. As well as being an excellent networking event, the workshop will provide a forum for academics, researchers, industry and students to showcase their work and capabilities through talks and posters.


The workshop will begin with an invited plenary speaker and will include industry presentations. The program will also showcase QUT's myriad strengths in microbiology research, such as infectious diseases, infection control, health economics, infection modelling, plant microbe interactions, industrial biotechnology, microbial fermentation and bio-control. QUT's unique Mackay Renewable Biocommodities Pilot Plant for the scale up of microbial processes will be highlighted.

For further information about the workshop, please click here.