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Mass Spectrometry

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Our mass spectrometry facility allows analysis of chemicals to extremely low detection limits. Coupled to chromatographic mainframes, we can provide analysis and services with the use of:

  • GC – Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry (EI / PCI / NCI)
  • LC – Triple Quadrupole (QQQ) Mass Spectrometry
  • LC – Time of Flight (Accurate Mass) Spectrometry
  • ESI / APCI and Multimode LC-MSD

These high end instruments allow the analysis of contaminants, impurities, actives and drugs in therapeutics, plasma and urine, soils, waters, crops and waste, to name a few.

We also provide services in:

  • Routine ESI spectra
  • Routine accurate mass (< 3ppm) ESI spectra
  • Impurity and unknown identifications
  • Method development and validation in pharmacokinetics, human therapeutics, veterinary and agriculture products