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Ngoc Anh-Thu PhanBSc completed her Bachelor of Science at Adelaide University and is currently Manager, General Microbiology in Eurofins | ams. In addition to her duties of managing the General Microbiology department, her responsibilities also includes overseeing the Media Manufacturing department at the Sydney site. She has been employed at Eurofins | ams.  
Prior to joining Eurofins | ams, Thu Phan was a laboratory supervisor at a private testing facility primarily dealing with environmental waters testing forlegionella, aerobic plate counts, coliforms, enterococci and E.coli.  Thu Phan obtained NATA Signatory for all tests at the facility within 12 months of employment. Her work experience also includes working in the field of sleep apnoea and environmental health at council level.
In her current position, Thu Phan was instrumental in obtaining the NATA Accreditation for her department for environmental waters in 2008 and biological testing - pharmaceutical in 2012.  She has presented at RACI and CAPSIG seminars and is a member of the ASM. 

Thu Phan's expertise is in the validation of sterile medical devices, cleaning of re-usable medical devices and TGO 77 testing requirements for medicines. These are some of the testing services she oversees in the General Microbiology department. Her department also provides the testing service for the identification of micro-organisms using either the Riboprinter or Vitek MS system. 

With her strong technical knowledge, she is able to assist clients with their general microbiology and environmental monitoring issues.  She also works closely with cosmetic companies in their preservative system testing requirements.