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Public and Environmental Health

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The Public and Environmental Health service line of Eurofins Agroscience Services undertakes laboratory and field research in the development of products and strategies to control, inhibit and repel urban pests.

Field work is conducted in residential, commercial and natural environments. All laboratory trials are conducted on site at our Bundaberg facility (Queensland) in four 20 m3 stainless steel lined test chambers with adjustable ventilation. These chambers are suitable for testing aerosols, liquid emanating devices and total release devices for crawling and flying insects and also for cockroach and ant bait evaluations.

Mosquito, fly, leech, tick, sandfly and march fly repellent testing can also be conducted in the chambers or in the field with human volunteers.

Our insectary at Bundaberg maintains colonies of mosquitoes (eggs), houseflies, Australian sheep blowflies, American cockroaches, German cockroaches, silverfish, Indian meal moth, rice weevil, African black beetle, saw-toothed grain beetle, lesser grain borer, flour beetles, flat grain beetle, snails and slugs. Species that are not bred in the insectary are collected from the field and include ants, spiders, termites, bronze orange bugs and aphids.

We have experience in conducting trials in more than 40 different species in both field and lab studies.

For further information contact Richard Fenwick.