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Agronomic and Variety Evaluation

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Eurofins Agroscience Australia provides a wide range of agronomic research services on the complete spectrum of Australian crops – winter cereals (eg. wheat, barley, oats), canola and winter pulses, cotton and summer pulses, rice, sorghum, maize, sunflower and sugarcane. These include:

  • Seed and variety testing and evaluation
  • Agronomic trials
  • Multi-crop and variety herbicide tolerance trials
  • Winter and summer nurseries
  • Single row, small plot and bulk up trials
  • Nutritional, fertiliser, bio-stimulant studies
  • GM crop comparison studies
  • Crop disease susceptibility studies
  • Grower demonstration sites
  • Seed quality testing

 For more information contact Vikram Ahlawat, Plant Breeding Business Manager.