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Efficacy, GLP Residue, Crop Safety Studies

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The company provides independent applied research services, predominantly but not exclusively aimed at the evaluation and development of potential products, crop, plant varieties and technical services. The company has special experience and expertise in chemical and biological agricultural products, planning and conduct of R&D programs, individual field and laboratory experiments, out-of-season field and laboratory testing for northern hemisphere clients.  Efficacy, phytotoxicity and residue aspects can be considered.  Fieldwork and reporting meet the standards of ANZ and global regulatory authorities.

A comprehensive range of field and laboratory equipment is available including: sprayers, harvesters, seeders, tractors, tillage and weighing equipment. In addition laboratory and computer facilities for diagnosis, treatment and statistical analysis are available, as are glasshouses and controlled environment rooms. Eurofins Agroscience Services freezer van transports frozen samples regularly throughout south-east Australia.

Field research contracting includes; field trial harvesting with small plot harvesters, seeding and planting of field trials with cone-seeders and other equipment, treatment application, site monitoring and maintenance, transport of frozen samples.

For further information contact:

Derek Litzow, Cropping Business Manager

Damian Bougoure, Horticulture Business Manager